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  • Complex educational - Bucuresti

    Complex educational - Bucuresti
  • Institutie publica

    Institutie publica
  • Universitatea Brasov

    Universitatea Brasov
  • Casa privata

    Casa privata
  • Casa privata

    Casa privata
    Public institution
    Laminated wood carpentry
    Educational complex - Bucharest
    Laminated wood windows and doors
    Private residence
    Laminated wood carpentry
    Zara Store Building - Pitesti
    Laminated wood carpentry
    Historical building - Bucharest
    Laminated wood carpentry
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    Tradition and Future in Woodcraft




    Interior doors

    Exterior doors

    Sliding doors


    Design tables

    The benefits of laminated wood carpentry​​

    The reliability of laminated wooden doors and windows.


    Products of laminated wood are easy to maintain – they require a minimum annual maintenance.


    Laminated wood enables the house to “breathe”: Laminated wooden windows and doors breathe, thus allowing regulation of humidity in rooms.


    The benefits of laminated wood carpentry

    Used paints are ecologic and contain no toxic substancese.


    Provides elegance and style to houses.


    Durability : laminated wood is resistant over time.


    In terms of heat transfer, laminated wood is one of the most recommended materials of construction, allowing high thermal insulation of the house.


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