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Interior doors Classic and Classic One

Faster, more qualitative, closer to you

From the desire to be with our customers, we have opened a new production line. This strategy guarantees a continuous flow of interior doors, so that we can deliver to our customers directly from the warehouse, without the need to process the order after receiving it. This strategy was born following the increase in orders for interior doors and to respond to customers’ wishes to install these doors as soon as possible.

The benefits of laminated wood carpentry​

Used paints are ecologic and contain no toxic substancese.


Products of laminated wood are easy to maintain – they require a minimum annual maintenance.


The reliability of laminated wooden doors and windows.


The Classic Model

This model consists of a slate divided into two sections. The material used is well chosen, dry at optimal humidity, masterfully treated by our carpenters even in the ArchWood factory. The design is simple, but refined, suitable for any type of home or office, and the quality is truly exceptional, presenting the wood qualities of all those who have the possibility of using our doors.

The Classic One Model

The peculiarity of this model is the whole slate, consisting of a single piece of wood. The material used is also well chosen, dry at optimum humidity and masterfully processed by our carpenters even in the ArchWood factory. The design is minimalist, but suitable for homes or offices of any kind, and the quality of the doors is superior to any other similar products on the market.


The Classic and Classic One doors are finished with alkyd paints with an elastic structure. These door models can be purchased in 4 RAL color variants: white, beige, light gray and anthracite gray.


The finished products are made in our factory premises.

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