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Stratified wood

What is laminated wood?

Over time, raw wood is prone to swelling and contracting and also to the appearance of deformities or cracks.

However, through a process of overlapping and gluing several wooden layers by pressing, laminated wood is obtained; it has the ability to annihilate each deformation and modification normally suffered by wood.

In addition, by using a waterproof adhesive, laminated wood becomes durable over time.

For its advantages, in present most parts of wood furniture or decorations have laminated wooden elements: from domestic furniture to the interior design of cars or even in sports and medical equipment.

Normally, laminated wooden products are maintained between 30 and 50 years. In this respect, the wood must be maintained, cleaned and annually checked.

We are convinced that stratified / laminated wood carpentry are the best solution for your home. This type of carpentry offer resistance and long-lasting durability, of over 50 years, energy efficiency through very high thermal insulation, it is easy to maintain, it has a very pleasant appearance and wood is a material 100% ecological.

That is why we have dedicated our activity to manufacturing a wide range of products from windows and doors of stratified / laminated wood, to other elements that bring refinement to your home.

Laminated wood enables the house to “breathe”: Laminated wooden windows and doors breathe, thus allowing regulation of humidity in rooms.

Durability : laminated wood is resistant over time.

In terms of heat transfer, laminated wood is one of the most recommended materials of construction, allowing high thermal insulation of the house.

Used paints are ecologic and contain no toxic substancese.

Products of laminated wood are easy to maintain – they require a minimum annual maintenance.

The reliability of laminated wooden doors and windows.

The benefits of carpentry from Laminated wood

Minimum maintenance costs

Stratified wood carpentry does not require any additional costs for maintenance compared to other types of joinery.

Time interval for maintenance

Specialists recommend a *minimum annual care of stratified wood products.

In case of problems

It is recommended to call the specialists of the company for any kind of problems or faults that have appeared.

Satisfaction guarantee

As premium products, they will surely satisfy you both visually and functionally throughout their lifetime.